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    • Other names: エノク第二部隊の遠征ごはん, Enoku Dainibutai no Ensei Gohan
    • Author(s): Mashimesa Emoto
    • Genre(s): Action Adventure Fantasy
    • Status: Ongoing
    • Views: 29441

    The Fore – elf girl Mel Rislis who was assigned as a hygienist to the second expedition unit where there were only four members – what Mr. Risslis saw there – it was a hard bread like a stone, a mysterious dried flesh that can not be chewed I can not forgive such a meal! To eat delicious food even on the expedition destination, the battle of Lislis hygiene soldiers starts now with weapons of woods’ fairies as weapons. Fantasy cuisine works on the topic of popular posting Comicarez! A super disappointing survival cooking by a little regrettable forest fairy !!!

    Maybe coming in

    Enoku Dai Ni Butai no Ensei Gohan - Raw Chap 16

    Enoku Dai Ni Butai no Ensei Gohan - Raw Chap 17



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